Debbie Cook, Master Gardener and Certified Arborist, welcomed Ashton Ritchie from The Scott’s Company. Ashton called in to the show this week to talk turf and gardening and answer listener questions. With the cooler weather also comes feeding time for your grass. This is especially important for your turf’s root system. Ashton suggests feeding your […]

Around the farmstead bare ground weed control may be desirable, eg, equipment lots, around grain bins, sheds and fence lines, to name a few sites. While it is possible to keep areas weed free with multiple applications of RoundUp/2,4-D throughout a growing season, it is more cost effective to apply a soil sterilant or long […]

A gardening friend taught me that nature abhors a vacuum. In this instance, that means if there is bare soil Mother Nature will usually fill it with weeds. Realistically, we’ll never get rid of weeds altogether and realizing that is necessary to our gardening sanity. There are, however, ways to stay ahead of the weeding game.

Being able to identify the weeds in your yard, selectively using weed killers and knowing the correct timing of application will go a long way in controlling weeds that are trying to overtake our garden.