Around the farmstead bare ground weed control may be desirable, eg, equipment lots, around grain bins, sheds and fence lines, to name a few sites. While it is possible to keep areas weed free with multiple applications of RoundUp/2,4-D throughout a growing season, it is more cost effective to apply a soil sterilant or long […]

Did you know that weeding can burn up to 240 calories an hour, or more, while weeding?

Thanks to guest blogger, Laura Blodgett and her daughter’s yoga skills, she enlightens us that weeding can be a great work out for your body, mind and improve the health of your garden.

A lot of people I know give up on weeding in the fall. It doesn’t make much difference in this year’s garden, and many of the weeds will die soon. Harvesting and summer activities are important and time consuming. But when you think about how much weeding is like yoga, albeit on a mud mat, you can think about it less as a difficult chore and more as a chance to relax, stretch, and contemplate life, while doing some toning exercises!