No matter what time of the tomato season it is, gardeners always have green tomatoes. With that in mind, this tomato preservation procedure can be used as long as you have fresh-from-the-vine, green tomatoes. Do not use tomatoes that have endured even one night of frost. It’s too late for them… and for you, my […]

Help, tomatoes are dropping their blossoms! This problem can be frustrating and difficult to manage as the problem usually is caused by high heat and low humidity. That’s a hard problem to deal with in southwest Idaho. Some blossom drop is normal because plants generally produce more flowers than the amount of fruit the plant […]

Results from the Great Tomato Ripening Experiment: How to Extend Your Harvest. It’s almost mid-January and I’m still enjoying tomatoes from the plants I grew this past summer. I just gathered a handful and made some tasty, fresh salsa to complement the vegan tacos I made for our dinner. So how is it that I’m […]

Tomato, tomahto. It doesn’t matter how you say it, this time of year, when it starts getting really hot, they have a tendency to cause us a little grief. Some of the most common questions I’ve been getting lately have had to do with tomatoes.

One question I hear from across the valley is “Why aren’t my tomatoes setting fruit”? This is a common weather related problem. The blossoms drop off without setting fruit when the daytime temperature is over 95 degrees or nighttime temperatures fall below 55.