No one knows exactly how the sport of bull riding originated. Outside of this specific event, all the rodeo events have some sort of link to ranch life, and possibly even a practical purpose. Whether breaking green livestock, rounding up strays, or doctoring hurt or injured animals, everything has a tie, with the exception of […]

From atop his beautiful horse, Limo, the Snake River Stampede’s announcer Boyd Polhamus was quite clear. In unmistakable terms, and with counting fingers held out for all to see, he listed off all the professional rodeos that had celebrated their hundredth anniversary. Calgary, Cheyenne, Pendleton, and Pecos were counted before a pause to announce the […]

We all love getting dressed up for the Snake River Stampede. Every July men pull out their dress Wrangler’s, women make sure that their blinging Cruel Girl’s fit just right from all angles and the kids get to wear their Tony Lama’s, just like Mom and Dad do when they go out dancing.

How about two free vouchers (that can be upgraded) for Saturday nights Snake River Stampede and a 20 percent off coupon from D&B to make sure that you are all dudded up for the night? Now there is no reason not to step out in brand new duds with a bit more swagger.

The Wrangler Free Voucher promotion has started for the 2011 Snake River Stampede. Now through July 19th, when you purchase $50 in Wrangler merchandise, you will receive a free voucher good for Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night at the Snake River Stampede.

One of the top ten regular season professional rodeos in the nation and paying out $400,000 last year, this is a huge event in the Valley and for the state of Idaho. The Snake River Stampede started out as a small, local rodeo where they bucked horses in the early 1900’s and has become one of the favorite and premier events on any cowboy’s or cowgirls riding schedule. See you there!