Nothing is as maddening as discovering the perfect plant in a garden catalog only to find that it has already sold out when you try to order. If that has happened to you, then you’ve already learned the lesson of ordering early. January through May is when companies receive the most orders, with the new and popular plants going fast, so order as soon as possible.

Some tips for ordering;

If you want to save some seeds from your own garden, it’s time to seriously think about how you will do it. Such seeds can be uniquely suited to produce plants that will flourish in your climate. You may have already missed the chance for the early, cool season vegetables, like peas, spinach, and the first lettuce. But, many other opportunities await you! You just need remind yourself of a few things in order to collect with greater success to produce desired results.

It’s a bit of a game that is not boring, but not terribly difficult, either.

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