No one knows exactly how the sport of bull riding originated. Outside of this specific event, all the rodeo events have some sort of link to ranch life, and possibly even a practical purpose. Whether breaking green livestock, rounding up strays, or doctoring hurt or injured animals, everything has a tie, with the exception of […]

Come on down to the D&B Supply in Pendleton on Friday, September 14th from 4:30 – 5:30, to meet Bareback rider, Bobby Mote and get his autograph.

A Northwest native, Bobby was born in Portland and currently resides in Culver, Oregon with his wife Kate and their three children, Charlie, Trey and Laura. On top of his very successful four-time world bareback titles, he enjoys horse training, roping and like any good Northwest man, fishing. At least twice a year, Bobby holds or participates in bareback riding schools to help teach the next generation of bareback riders how to ride a successful ride.