Master Gardener and Certified Arborist, Debbie Cook, shared some great information about the upcoming Master Gardener class in Canyon County. All the information can be viewed on the University of Idaho’s Extension site by clicking here. Download and submit the online application to be considered for the program. Have you signed up to receive pest alerts […]

Red, blue and green Christmas tree lights are up, people are dreaming of a couple of days off work and time for family and opening packages.This project documents one of Idaho and Oregon’s less known communities, the Buckaroos and Cowboys of the Great Basin, through a photography and essay exhibit that also includes working gear such as saddles, bits, spurs and rawhide bosals. The project format is a traveling exhibit combining photographs and essays gathered from interviews — a “history” detailing Buckaroo life.

Thank you to Andrea Scott for forwarding us some of her photos. You can find more of her artwork, along with other regional artists, starting tonight at the Four Rivers Museum and Cultural Center in Ontario, Oregon. Tonight is the opening night of the Idaho Buckaroo Project starting at 5pm. This exhibit features the gifted work of Western Traditional Artists from the Buckaroo Culture.

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The Idaho Buckaroo project was launched less than six months ago and has grown rapidly with the support of fans and sponsors.

Our film premier of the movie “Buck” sold out and it was there that I met Tony Stevenson, President of High Country Plastics ― a major milestone for the Idaho Buckaroo Project. He said he would help support the project. Little did I know that also meant a horse trailer tack room makeover.

Friday morning I rolled into their Caldwell office site and Tony and Mike assessed the trailer’s current state and decided how to better organize it with the use of their products.

Rain or shine, there will be lots of things to see at Murphy Outpost Days this Saturday and Sunday in Murphy, Idaho. The Idaho Buckaroo Project will also be there and Idaho Buckaroo Brew coffee will be served.

Live music, great food, lost arts demonstrations, arts, crafts and of course, the famous Horned Toad Race. For more information call: 208-495-2319.

Be sure to look for the “Ride with Ruby.” And if you go to the Outpost Days, please leave a comment on this blog.

My newest adventure began at 3am. The Idaho Buckaroos of the Great Basin Project. Its mission:
“To Promote Understanding and Preserve the Buckaroo Way of Life.”

This photograph and essay exhibit documents one of Idaho’s lesser known communities, the Buckaroos of the Great Basin. The Great Basin encompasses NE California, northern Nevada, SE Oregon, and SW Idaho (specifically Owyhee County).