Debbie Cook, Master Gardener and Certified Arborist, welcomed Ashton Ritchie from The Scott’s Company. Ashton called in to the show this week to talk turf and gardening and answer listener questions. With the cooler weather also comes feeding time for your grass. This is especially important for your turf’s root system. Ashton suggests feeding your […]

Fall is the ideal time to plant grass seed. Here are some thoughts about turf grass varieties and some terminology that will be helpful.

Rhizomatous grass spreads by underground rhizomes and is the type that will creep into your flowerbeds. It has the ability to repair itself quickly. A bunch grass is just that, a small bunch. It fills in nicely but takes more seed at planting. It needs to be reseeded if repair is necessary.

Endophytes are fungus that lives within the blades of certain grasses. This fungus produces chemicals that are toxic to many pests, including billbugs, which increases grass survival. Possibly Toxic to grazing animals.