For the best (mild) homemade garlic salt, harvest your scapes and break out the dehydrator! As an advanced Master Gardener with the University of Idaho, I have grown certified garlic for many years. Garlic is a protected crop in Idaho. Therefore, you must plant only certified bulbs in Idaho. (Friends don’t let friends plant Elephant […]

I did a web search on garlic and there were about 125,000,000 (that’s million!) entries. Obviously, this is a popular little bulb and now’s the time to get it planted for a good crop of your own next summer.

There are two types of garlic. Softneck and hardneck.

Soft necks are the type supermarkets usually carry. They are adapted to a wider range of climates and they keep longer in storage. They tend to mature faster, are usually more productive and have a milder flavor than the hard necks. The stems are easier to braid but the cloves are harder to peel.