Master gardener Andrea Niederer continues her tour of her beautiful. She talks about tips on keeping them beautiful and how to transplant if needed. Check out the video below. Check out Andrea Niederer on her socials for I Garden Daily: Blog Instagram Twitter: Pinterest:

A beautiful addition to your garden can be dahlias. Dahlias are known to be a warm season plant. You should wait to plant them after the last frost of the season similarly to tomatoes. Dahlias prefer six hours of sun a day. If you can provide some afternoon sun protection and some wind protection that […]

There is something alluring about planting in containers. Besides allowing for gardening in unlikely places, it invites a different level of creativity. However, there are some things to keep in mind to get optimal satisfaction. 1. Choose plants with similar light and water needs. 2. Make sure your containers drain. Ideally, buy containers that already […]