You have seen the fixtures in your favorite stores donning this season’s “must have” garments. I have to be honest in saying that initially I was not particularly impressed with what the fashion gods deemed to be the “it” look this year. After all, the colors and bright prints are so far away from my […]

UGG has come a long way from its start in the late 70’s in southern California coastal towns. These casual sheepskin-lined suede boots were first worn by surfers to keep their feet warm and dry after each and every attempt to ride that perfect wave. UGG eventually made its way into every surf shop up […]

I was asked to blog about pocket placement. Hmmm. Really? I felt that I needed to confirm this. Yes, I was told the subject was pocket placement. I wanted to confirm this again in the hopes the subject-matter would change. I received a messaged that said only this, “Do these pockets make my behind look […]

Fringe! Fringe! Fringe! These were the first three words that our D&B merchandiser, our clothing buyer and our footwear buyer said to watch for when it comes to spring trends in 2014. There is fringe on your jacket, fringe on your shirts and even fringe on your boots. Pinterest boards, with a spring western theme, […]