Perimeter Fly Control Solving begins with inspection. How is your barn set up? How often do you clean? How often do you dispose of manure? When answering these questions you should be able to find out the reasons why the flies stay. There are four levels of fly control that you should be aware of: […]

In this episode, Matt speaks with Steve Wagner, General Manager of Retail Sales, from Welp Hatchery in Iowa. Matt learns about the one-day-old poultry industry works, including how baby chicks make their way from hatcheries around the country to stores like D&B Supply in Idaho and Oregon. Welp Hatchery hatches between five and six million […]

Matt speaks again with Dave Farris. In this far-reaching conversation, Dave describes taking care of animals like rabbits, chickens, and other small animals during cold weather and into Spring. You will also hear from Shelly Paxton, D&B Supply’s large animal buyer. How do I keep my small animals warm? Dave states that small animals like […]