Starting this Tuesday, January 27, 2015 from 6:30 to 7:30 the Garden City D&B will be hosting a dog training class, taught by AKC certified trainer,┬áJamie Gorbet. The six week class will cover basic obedience; sit, come, down, stay, leash walking, socialization, pack leadership, and also addressing any problem behaviors such as jumping, pulling, and […]

In this article I would like to address the very common problem of dental disease in pets. Some form of dental disease is present in over 80 percent of my patients. It ranges from mild gingivitis to severe periodontal disease.

Dental disease is a leading cause of illness in dogs and cats either directly by causing pain or indirectly by providing a constant source of bacterial infection to the body. Infection resulting from the bacteria that gains entrance to the bloodstream is directly responsible for some types of heart and kidney disease. We all know how painful a toothache can be; imagine having disease around almost all of your teeth.

This time of the year is the most common time to see heatstroke. In the early summer as temperatures quickly rise pets are not yet acclimated to the summer heat. Risk factors include obesity, animals with respiratory disease, and age. It is common to hear about a dog that someone took out for the first Frisbee session of the year or was left in the car a little too long and is now unresponsive or convulsing.