Three D&B stores will be hosting a free class with our Nutrena reps to learn about how to care for chicks (feeding, housing, health), raising them to adulthood, laying hens (feed, housing, health), molting, and a brief bit about meat birds and gamebirds. In other words, we will discuss what to do from the moment you […]

I recently attended a “Welcome to Beginner Beekeeping” class through the Boise School’s Community Education program. This class was hosted by two very experienced beekeepers that are also fellow Treasure Valley Beekeepers Club members and friends of mine – Kevin and Jeff. These gentlemen remind me of Marley and Marely from the muppets. They banter […]

Thank you to Kim Flottum and Steve Sweet of Treasure Valley Beekeepers for this write-up about Kim Flottum’s visit to the Treasure Valley during the Western Idaho Fair. So you want to keep bees, but don’t know where to start…well, pardner, start here with Kim Flottum, 30 year veteran and the most ambitious promoter of […]