Gardeners are the easiest people on your list to buy for. In case you’re drawing a blank, here are some suggestions for the gardener in your life.

We’re all aware of the danger of too much sun on our skin. How about a gardening hat for that special someone? They help shade our ears, noses and necks from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

Every year my husband forces me to write out a Christmas list to give to him. I resist. He already takes very good care of me. I am embarrassed to make a list of “things I want.” I also don’t want to put the brain power into it, but he says it helps him. I warn him that as soon as I begin brainstorming, the list will keep growing! He says I had better get busy.

As I was working on this assignment this week, I remembered homemade gifts that both my husband and my father have given me for my gardening activities. A couple of them are on the list again because they have been used until they are falling apart. Others of them are nice to have in multiples. A few of my favorite past garden-related gifts were purchased, but make the list here because they are used so often.