As a parent, you truly want your children to be happy in whatever they do, regardless if they follow in your footsteps. Shawn Weise’s Dad, Ted Weise, was a former bull rider but until Shawn was 14 he had no interest in riding bulls, he just wanted to play baseball and football like a “normal” kid. Then he saw the neighbors bucking their steers for fun and whether it was in his DNA or just in the big eyes of a 14 year old, Shawn was now interested in bull riding. With-in a couple of months, Ted had a round pen and a bucking shoot built on their property and Shawn was now on his way to becoming a bull rider.

Rodeo bulls are bred to buck, kick, and spin. There is a rodeo legacy of sorts embedded in their DNA and written in their chromosomes.

If you know Shawn Wiese, Kyle Duren, or Jimmy Young, you might think that some men are bred for the rodeo too. Shawn, Kyle, and Jimmy are long-time collaborators and friends who were each professional bull riders before family responsibilities — and, perhaps, age — led them to raising bucking bulls rather than riding them.

In 2009, the trio formed Bovico Bucking Bulls to supply well-bred, rodeo bulls to local, regional, and national bull riding events. In the next few weeks, I will be featuring Shawn, Kyle, and Jimmy here on the D&B Blog as part of our People of Our West series.