The Boise State Bee Team continued their work alongside Dr. Brandon Hopkins and his amazing research team at Washington State University. We were first tasked with finding queens in colonies and marking them. This step was very important because it allowed us to the take frames of worker “nurse bees” and remove them from the […]

Our edu-vacation to Oregon State University’s Honey Bee Research Lab eventually lead us to the actual science labs where graduate assistants are diligently working to collect useful data for unique projects, lead by a very intelligent man, Ramesh Sagili. One of the fascinating projects involved a set of observation hives. These are indoor hives with […]

National Honey Bee Day took place this year on August 22, but was celebrated by the Treasure Valley Beekeepers Club and friends all weekend long! This weekend is really a sight to see, with a variety witty, silly, fun, educational, and inspiring events. This year we kicked off the celebratory weekend with Lieutenant Governor, Brad […]