A very long time ago, a little black kitten showed up in a desolate back corner of our acre. She was barely three weeks old. She couldn’t even meow, but squeaked pathetically. We checked all over the neighborhood to see if someone had lost her. There was no sign of her mother or sibling kittens. We couldn’t see any marks or injuries on her, but we couldn’t help imagining that a bird of prey had tried to carry her away, then somehow lost it’s hold on her over our backyard. She was named Baggy, short for Bagheera from The Jungle Book.

Brrrrrrrr, it’s freezing. Here are some tips for taking care of our furry friends this winter.

Watch the Temperature: Even if your pet spends most of its time outside, consider bringing them in or offering additional winter protection when the temperature falls below about 25 degrees. Shorthaired dogs, cats and puppies should come in when it gets below 40 degrees.