About the Chick Training

D&B Supply is teaming up with Nutrena to offer a series of free classes for new and experienced chick owners alike. In each of these classes you’ll learn about the basics of caring for your chicks and have a lot of time for open discussion and questions. Nutrena’s David Farris will lead the class and discussion.

Topics include:

  • Starting chicks – learn about required equipment from waterers to brooders, the best times to take chicks home, what temperature to keep the brooder, and how often to check baby chicks in the first few weeks.
  • Common parasites – find out how to recognize common poultry lice and mites and what do to do prevent and treat them.
  • Feed – identify good quality chicken feeds, including understanding principles like nutrients over ingredients.
  • Laying hens – learn what it takes to raise your new chicks into productive laying hens, including how to manage the hens’ diet to produce the best and most eggs possible.
  • Meat birds – discover the particulars of raising your own, natural meat birds.
  • Chicken Molting – find out how the molting and growing new feathers process works, and how much energy it requires.

What You Won’t Find at D&B Chick Training

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