Officially, the name of the recipe is “People’s Favorite, Award-Winning Sourdough Chocolate Cherry Cordial Cake but NUMMMM, is also appropriate! Thank you to Pam and Dave and Jason Monson for sharing all their delicious recipes with us, our taste buds are in debt to you! Pam, Dave and Jason are currently teaching a five week, seven course Cast Iron cooking class in Star, Idaho and making sure that every camp site has a designated Cast Iron cook this summer. Enjoy!

No matter the time of year, no matter the bird, chicken and stuffing is always a crowd favorite. Thank you to Pam and Dave Monoson for sharing all their Cast Iron Cowboy recipe’s, our stomachs thank you!

This is an excellent main dish that is always a hit. A whole, store bought BBQ chicken can be used instead of fresh chicken. The chicken can be cut up at home and frozen for use later. This recipe can be multiplied to feed a large crowd with great results.

The official name of this week’s recipe is: Jason’s Award Winning Best-Ever-Gourmet Dutch Oven Lasagna, but we only have so much room for a title and your taste buds can only take so much. Thank you to Pam and Dave for sharing their delicious recipe’s with us leading up to their Cast Iron Cowboys Cooking Class that starts this Friday. Jason, their son and obvious apprentice of his parents, is going to be sharing this recipe with everyone’s taste-buds who sign up for the class.

Thank you to Pam and Dave Monson, of the Cast Iron Cowboys, for sharing their fantastic Cast Iron recipe’s with us for our Recipe of the Week blog. For the next several weeks, we will highlight one of their tasty recipe’s that you could possibly make if you make the oh so wise decision of taking their Cast Iron cooking class.

Please click title above to make your mouth water.

With a new job, branding season and ropin’ season on the brink, we would like to thank Kara McMurtrey, of Rocking K Bar Photography (find her here on Facebook) and T.O. Ranch, for finding some time to contribute to Recipe of the Week. Here is her recipe of Golden Mushroom Stroganoff in her words.

Branding season began today on the T.O. Ranch. My favorite season of the year, time to Rope, Ride & Burn a lil’ Hide!! Needless to say I pouted all the way into town to my big girl job because I was not at the branding pens to take photo’s…..

With the Big Game coming up this Sunday, we tend to pull out the special recipe’s that make your mouth water weeks in advance. Preparation for a meal of this magnitude is that of a skilled, fined tuned athlete with the stamina, dedication and taste buds of a winner. If we could award trophies, blinged out rings and the prestigious title of The Big Game Day Chef, we would in a heart beat.

Thank you to our Recipe (Athlete) of the Week and Big Game Day Chef, Doug Pill for sharing his skills with his Philly Cheese Steaks. Enjoy!

Searching for an original cookie recipe is not as easy as we thought. We have received quite a few contributors for our Recipe of the Week, but a good ‘ol Christmas cookie recipe has been on my mind. We receive a daily recipe email from and when today’s email was delivered, it was perfect timing. We didn’t get just one cookie recipe, we got the Top 20 Cookie Recipes from their website. Hallelujah!

Yes, Chocolate. Buttermilk. Pie. Holly cow poke people, we have hit the holiday season!

Kara McMurtry submitted her Great-Grandmother’s recipe after my inquiry on her blog if this scrumptious sight was real. Not only was the recipe real, from this Southwestern ranching girl, but she is a hoot with multiple bear encounter stories. Her and her husband (who prefers buttermilk pie) have a huge spring in their backyard which gives the bears of the Santa de Cristo Mountains to show up on her porch on a regular basis. With a camera in one hand and a gun in the other (just in case) she has been on point all summer, but that didn’t stop one bear getting so close that it got a roast chucked at it’s head. Enjoy Kara’s Great-Grandmother’s recipe and let us know if you try it out and what kind of wild animals it attracts.

Once again, thanks to Momma Butterbean (otherwise known as our North Texan friend, Michelle Farley) for a drool-worthy, Texan recipe, and a great story to back it. Enjoy!

A few years ago we were attending a local cowboy church – if you’ve never visited one, I highly suggest it. The men had a weekly Bible study. Each week, one or a few, of the men would volunteer to bring something for supper. The rest would chip in a few dollars a piece to help cover the cost.