Our customers are amazing. Thank you to the entire Ridgeway family for their creativity, thoughtfulness, and love of gardening… and for their love of the #DBbucket. My husband drilled several drainage holes in the bottom of each bucket, then we had an assembly line with our three grandkids and daughter. One was in charge of […]

Even if you don’t know who Chelsi Horton is, you know who she is. She has the honor of being the Boise State University Bronco Girl and rides with Willy, a 19 year old registered paint who loves the limelight and couldn’t be happier than having his toes painted and leading the Boise State University football team out of the tunnel at every home game the past two years.

Chelsi is a Boise State Junior and a two year Bronco Girl vet, but is no stranger to hanging out with Willy in the north end zone at every home game. While in high school, she helped out the previous Boise State Bronco Girl, Vanessa Lootens, and her horse in the North End Zone. Willy and Chelsi have been riding and competing together since she was 14 and is loved by aspiring cowgirls and Bronco Nation in general.

How many of us truly follow our childhood dreams? For Laura Kiracofe’s dad, he did just that when she was in fourth grade. Without a job and a just a few friends in Idaho, he picked up the family and moved them out of Ohio and into his childhood dream of living in “the West” — which landed them in Nampa, Idaho.

With the ultimatum of “If I go out to Idaho, you better get me a horse,” Laura has lived in the great western state of Idaho ever since, now with five of her own horses and a firm grip on the western lifestyle.

Whether you call it a gut feeling, a sixth-sense or even destiny, it’s that feeling one gets when something is just “right” and it usually becomes a monumental moment in your life. Taking advantage of the situation when it happens is sometimes as easy as just saying “let’s do it.” For Michael Higginson and his family, there were a number of events leading up to the them giving up the suburban lifestyle and moving out in the country where they could raise chickens, have a huge garden and some space for their family of seven to grow and enjoy life.

The Higginson’s gut feeling started after a seven month mission to Tonga to help a community with their dental needs. Dr. Higginson took time off of his Eagle, Idaho dental practice, packed their five kids up and headed to Tonga for what became more of an education for the Higginson’s than anything else

Kevin Hensen is the richest guy in town. He is engulfed in riches which include positive, life-loving people and he continually lifts the spirits, dreams and self worth of the kids that come to him to learn the rodeo life. Kevin gives everything he has to everything he does, which his “everything” is a very long list: Husband, Father, role model, teacher, employee, farrier, band leader, cattle contractor and a really great human being.

He makes life so simple by following these easy rules of how to be rich: “I try my hardest at everything I do. I am in a good position and I have a good attitude because I surround myself with good, positive people.”

Here in the Treasure Valley there is a good chance that either your commute or part of your day involves passing by at least one corn field. It’s just as likely that you have driven by, or flown over, The Farmstead Corn Maze and Pumpkin Festival nestled between the very busy intersections of Eagle Road, Overland Road and I84. After multiple locations over the years and a name change, Jim and Hillary Lowe have been thrilled about their part-time family business that makes us all wonder, “How do they do that?”

Nicole and Kelly are two of the luckiest little girls around. Their Grammie, Vicki Cantlon, is not only the owner of the 2008 National Reined Cowhorse Association Open Hackamore Champion, a former rodeo Queen and a native Idahoan, but she is hands down, the Super-Grammie of the Maple Grove/Victory area. She rides horses, drives a big red truck and has a wit about her that comes from making a living as a young woman on the rodeo circuit in the 1970’s.

“I have a 40 acre gentle Grammas farm with cows, goats, chickens, dogs, cats, grandkids and of course my champion performance horses.”