4-H and FFA participants dedicate thousands of hours each year to learning best practices in farming and ranching, as well as leadership skills, ethics, and values. At D&B, we appreciate your commitment to our region’s agricultural legacy, and as a little thank-you, we are pleased to offer champion showmanship prize winners small additional gift card […]

Three D&B stores will be hosting a free class with our Nutrena reps to learn about how to care for chicks (feeding, housing, health), raising them to adulthood, laying hens (feed, housing, health), molting, and a brief bit about meat birds and gamebirds. In other words, we will discuss what to do from the moment you […]

Hi there, my name is Jessie Jarvis, and I’m a third-generation Southern Idaho cattlewoman! Our family runs a cow-calf operation, which means we specifically focus on raising mamas and babies. I’m very passionate about ranching and the agriculture industry as a whole. Brenda Schopp (a motivational speaker) once said, “My grandfather used to say that […]

Chicks are first come, first serve at all D&B Supply stores. We are selling out VERY quickly, so please call your favorite D&B first. Meridian D&B Supply March 20 Buff Orpington Pullets Silver Laced Wyandotte Pullets Ameraucana Pullets Welsummer Pullets Black Langshan Pullets Asst. Frizzles Bantams Mille Fleurd Uccle Bantams Golden Sebright Bantams Black Silkie Bantams […]

I was recently asked if, “backyard chickens spread disease?” The simple answer is, not really. Disease usually comes to them and they contract it. More specifically, wild birds bring in bugs, like lice and mites. Even more threatening, wild waterfowl are carriers of Avian Influenza – which is highly transferable to backyard flocks. Five states, located in […]