As discussed in previous blogs for D&B on bees, Bees contribute substantially to the economy of the United States and are vital to keeping fruits, nuts and vegetables in our diets. Over the past few decades, there has been significant loss of pollinators-including honeybees, native bees, birds, bats and butterflies-from the environment. The problem is […]

In 1976 I received my Doctorate degree from Utah State University after completing my research on the biology and management of the Alfalfa leafcutting bee,  Megachile rotundata, since completing my degree I have spent 38 years as a recognized authority on this little bee.  First a little bit of information on the biology and management […]

Here at Bitner Vineyards I have been planting a variety of native and bee friendly plants. This past week I counted more than eight different kinds of bees gathering pollen and nectar from these plants as well as a variety of flies, butterflies hummingbirds and wasps that come to feed on the nectar. It is amazing to […]

Here in Idaho I typically see large female queens flying about my spring flowers in bloom, but this year I haven’t seen a single overwintering queen flitting about gathering pollen to start her brood nest for this coming summer. There is more and more concern about the dwindling numbers of Bumble species and the following […]

The following is an excerpt from the Xerces Society of Invertebrate Conservation. This fact sheet gives information on how to provide nest sites for native bees, including nest blocks and bare ground for solitary-nesting bees. For more info go to Pollinators are a diverse and fascinating group of animals. In addition to their beauty, […]

There are about four thousand different species of bees in North America. Here in Idaho we have five common families representing about 400 species of bees. The members of the five most common families, Apidae, Halictidae, Andrenidae, Megachilidae and Colletidae can be found throughout the continent from Canada and Alaska to warm and sunny Florida; […]