Dormant disease control products that contain Lime Sulfur (active ingredient calcium polysulfide) will no longer be available after garden centers sell through their existing supply. Gardeners may be frustrated in their hunt for an alternative dormant control spray. Look no further! There is a highly-effective alternative, the liquid formula of Bonide® Copper Fungicide, that is available right now. Used as directed, this unique formulation of copper will conquer the most common dormant disease problems. Even better, it’s for organic gardening.

Edge lawn mower blades are designed to be easier to replace and to save you money over the life of your lawn mower, but are they for us?

Recently, I attended a trade show in Minnesota. I was searching for great new products to bring back to the D&B stores here in Oregon and Idaho. One of the items that I came across was the Edge replacement lawn mower blade I wrote about above.