There are many unique experiences that happen on a Mobile visit. One that I am reminded of is a family of three cats that all had trouble going to the vet. It was an all-day event to get to the vet’s office that started with the struggle to get all of them into their carriers. The moment these cats were put in their carriers and all scratches were properly doctored up, they could finally leave for the Vet’s office.

In the Vet’s waiting room there was a curious dog which made the cats vocalize and hiss before getting in their own peaceful room (although the cats are still stating how much they hate this whole thing). First, the technician comes in and takes everyone’s temperature and just preps them all for what is coming. Next comes the Doctor and attempts to give everyone shots. By this time the cats are so worked up it takes two people to hold them down while the Veterinarian gives them shots.

When you schedule an appointment to go to the veterinarian how much time out of your day does it take?

Usually it means you have to take time off of work up to a half day just to make sure you will have enough time. Have you ever sat in a waiting room after being on time for your appointment to just be put in an exam room to wait again? Then the Technician finally comes in and then you wait more for the doctor. When the appointment is through you have been at the office for an hour or two and all you had done was some vaccinations for your healthy pet. If you have more than one pet and can’t bring them all in at once this turns into a full day event to go to the Vet.

So in yesterday’s blog post I described a little about why we do what we do. Something that might also
be interesting to you is how it all works. Many might think that mobile veterinarians are just for large
animals but the reality of our practice is that we see about 99% small animal.