Spring Fever Hits Horse Enthusiasts – Vet Tips on Correctly Preparing Your Horse

Warm weather means many of us are saddling up fuzzy horses, and anxiously awaiting the horse-event season to start. There are several things horse owners should do to protect their horses and prevent the spread of illness through the horse community.

Horses should be vaccinated for West Nile, Tetanus, Eastern and Western Encephalitis and of course Rhino and Influenza, according to Liz Scott, DVM, at Idaho Equine Hospital in Nampa, Idaho.

The Idaho Buckaroo Project has gained a following that includes cowboys, buckaroos, businesses, city dwellers and the arts community

New photographs from the project will be unveiled tomorrow night (November, 15th) in a special exhibit. A combination of western photography and high-energy, Country-Cajun music will be the featured event, Tuesday, November 15th, at the Nampa Civic Center, Brandt Auditorium. The Center will host photographer, Andrea Scott, who will share her new photographs from the Idaho Buckaroo Project.

Please come and see the Unveiling of the Idaho Buckaroo Project. Here is the information release.

You will rarely get to view an exhibit of this caliber. Western Traditional Artists will have their work on display, as well as the photographs and essays of photographer Andrea Scott who is currently documenting the Buckaroos and cowboys of the Great Basin.

The opening is from 5-9, October, 6, at Stewart Gallery.1110 Jefferson St., near downtown Boise and the Lock, Stock, and Barrel.

The Idaho Buckaroo project was launched less than six months ago and has grown rapidly with the support of fans and sponsors.

Our film premier of the movie “Buck” sold out and it was there that I met Tony Stevenson, President of High Country Plastics ― a major milestone for the Idaho Buckaroo Project. He said he would help support the project. Little did I know that also meant a horse trailer tack room makeover.

Friday morning I rolled into their Caldwell office site and Tony and Mike assessed the trailer’s current state and decided how to better organize it with the use of their products.

A special film premier of the movie “Buck”, the true story of horse whisperer Buck Brannaman, will be hosted Thursday, July 7, at 6 p.m. at the Flicks movie theater in downtown Boise.

An extraordinary silent auction will also be held that includes: a 4-day, 3-night vacation package to Hagerman, Idaho, gift certificates to D&B Supply, Angell’s Bar and Grill, and a beauty package form Graeber and Company. These will be just a few of the items people can bid on.

Rain or shine, there will be lots of things to see at Murphy Outpost Days this Saturday and Sunday in Murphy, Idaho. The Idaho Buckaroo Project will also be there and Idaho Buckaroo Brew coffee will be served.

Live music, great food, lost arts demonstrations, arts, crafts and of course, the famous Horned Toad Race. For more information call: 208-495-2319.

Be sure to look for the “Ride with Ruby.” And if you go to the Outpost Days, please leave a comment on this blog.

The Idaho Buckaroo Project traveled to Utah this past week with great results. I entered the World’s first Western Art Rodeo Association competition. Top western artists from across the country displayed and competed with their artwork for two full days at Robert Redford’s famous Sundance Resort.

The best part of the competition for me was being able to get on stage with my photos of Idaho Buckaroos and talk about what buckaroos mean to the American West.

Pastures are starting to green up, flowers are blooming, and people throughout the West
are anxious to start riding their horses.

Before you take off on that first long ride in varying terrain, you need to consider calling a farrier and getting shoes on your horse. We are lucky to have several good farriers in our area, but not all farriers are created equal. You know what I mean if you’ve ever tried to save a few dollars by choosing the cheapest farrier and then have your horse come up lame.