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So there I was with my yellow garden wagon. It was filled with the staple gun, air compressor, fence tying wire, and pliers. I had also gathered my shovel, fence posts, ladder, and post pounder. I had had my hands-on lesson with the staple gun the day before, then my engineer left for a business trip to Italy. Neither of us had thought I would need instructions on how to use the Cosco ladder.

We had plans simmering for a new chicken coop and pen in front, but circumstances conspired against us. Everything from termites under the bathroom floor to a deer smashing the front end of a car nibbled at our schedule, until we found it was time for my construction engineer to have shoulder surgery as soon as he got back from a business trip to Italy. But the chicks didn’t stop growing and my building skills are still barely wobbling on the positive side of nil.

Lawnmower versus sprinkler pipes When you think of ways you might die, upside down in a hole reaching for sprinkler valves is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. And I’m not saying you should worry about it. However, my story might give you some insight into safety precautions. It all started when […]

You have caught me at a bit of word play here. The word radical’s first definition in the dictionary is “from the roots, going to the foundation of something, basic.” Raised beds are a basic gardening concept that are easy if you just keep in mind a few foundational ideas. Let’s group the discussion into these categories: […]

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