A peach on a peach tree
  • Don’t prune spring-blooming shrubs or trees until right after bloom.
  • Don’t work or walk on wet soil. It compacts the soil.
  • Some annuals need 70-90 days to bloom (petunias, snapdragon). Start them indoors now to transplant after the last frost (May10) or buy transplants to plant after that date.
  • Learn how to run your sprinkler clock and change it seasonally. Don’t start until approx April-mid May.
  • Sweet potatoes grow by slips. Don’t plant them like a russet type potato.
  • Pre-emergent can make your life easier.
  • Dormant oil. Use before bud break.
Dormant Oil
  • If you didn’t do it in the fall, cut back perennials & grasses now before growth begins. Don’t cut the
  • green rosette that may be visible at the base of some plants.
  • Did you order plants? Don’t freak out when they arrive.
  • Looking for fresh eggs & entertaining pets? Don’t forget Chick Days at D&B Supply.

Check out the The D&B Show Podcast with Debbie Cook walking you through all these todo’s!

Here is a late spring todo list that gives more tips!

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