When was the last time y’all used furniture polish on your household wood? Maybe like me,
you might not be able to even find any polish in your home. That’s telling. If you have access to
beeswax and have some food-grade oil, you have the makings for some all-natural, DIY wood

What you will need:
-1 cup oil
-¼ cup beeswax
-Essential Oil (optional)

I started with the darker wax from my most recent honey and wax harvest. I’ll keep the lighter
wax for making lip balm. If you don’t have wax, craft stores often carry it.

Set up a double boiler to melt your wax and heat your oil. I had some coconut oil, past its “best
by” date, so I used it. I’ve heard of beekeepers using olive oil. But, why use the expensive stuff?
If not for the expired coconut oil, I would have used vegetable oil.

Melt both the wax and oil. As an option, add any type of essential oil. I used some mint tincture
that I had on hand and patchouli oil. (Insert hippy joke here.) How much should you add? I may
or may not have put the entire bottle of patchouli oil in my mixture. Add as much as you like;
the amount you find pleasing.

I mixed it all with a pair of chopsticks, and then put them in the garbage. That way, the clean up
is easier.* Once liquified, pour your mixture into some shallow glass vessels that can be tightly
sealed. I used two jelly jars, (one 8 oz. and one 4oz.). The total amount fit perfectly in the jars
and it set up quickly.

So that no one eats your all-natural concoction, throw a clever label on the containers and keep
them stored in a cool place. Or, set them out on the counter and brag about your mad DIY skills.

*Word of caution using beeswax: try not to let it go down your kitchen sink drain. I cleaned the
knife, cutting mat, and measuring cup with a paper towel before I washed them. This way, I got
as much of the wax off and into the garbage. I won’t have beeswax be the reason I call a
plumber, in the future.

Happy polishing!

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