In this episode, Matt speaks with Andy Rogers from D&B Supply in Emmett, Idaho, about putting away those pieces of power equipment we use all Spring and Summer long, so that next year they will fire right up.

One of the biggest issues for power equipment like mowers, trimmers, blowers, and more is that they are not prepared for the winter and when Spring does come there are issues. For example, gasoline left in a tank over the winter can start breaking down in just a month or two. Winter prep means more than just draining the gas, but you also need to get the gas out of the carbonator.

One of the major issues starting up equipment in the spring is the gas goes bad. The gas can start breaking down in one month. If you are going to not use a piece of equipment in 2-3 months it’s best to drain the system of gasoline. It’s important to note that the gas isn’t just located in the gas tank but also throughout the engine. To get the gas completely out of the system properly, you should dump the tank and then run the engine until it stops running.

Often times you will have a gas container. You don’t want to just dump this gas, especially when you have multiple gallons of it. Andy suggests that you put the unleaded fuel into your vehicle to use up. Whether it is a car, atv, or motorbike, it is best to not let that gas set for an extended period of time.

Once you empty the engine of the gas, you should still keep something in it to keep the parts moist. Andy suggests using a moto-mix. He recommends putting a cup of it into your small engines. Then run the engine for 30 to 40 seconds. Then you will know you have gas in your engine that won’t go bad for up to two years but also keep the system from drying out.

A great time to do tune ups for a push lawn mower and other equipment is the winter since shops are typically not busy unlike the spring when everyone that has the same idea.

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