We are excited to announce that the D&B Supply Garden Show is moving to the D&B Podcast starting in January 2021.

Debbie Cook will continue to host the show with a slightly different format, but as always, the best advice, tips, and lawn and garden expertiese.

One to two times a month, Debbie will answer your lawn and garden questions that you can submit through a voice memo, email, or social media.

Voice Memo:

  1. Record a Voice Memo on your phone with a question that includes your name, where you live, and of course your question(s). TIP: Search “voice” and it should pop up in your app search.
  2. Send your voice memo to us to be played on the show.
    1. Email it to us. CLICK HERE.
    2. Send it via social media private message
      1. Facebook
      2. Twitter
      3. Instagram

Type Out Your Question:

  1. Type out your question that includes your name and where you live.
  2. Send your question to us via social media, private or public:
    1. Facebook
    2. Twitter
    3. Instagram

Thank you in advance for your help in making the D&B Show a continual legacy, we appreciate you!

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