Matt sits down with Tim Reed who founded WhyFire. They talk about how WhyFire has built a process to make it easier to purchase a stove. The two walk through an example walk through of their process to find the right stove for you.

Picking A Stove - Fire Stove in a Log Cabin

Stoves are a great way to heat your home but we don’t buy them often so it can make it difficult to know what questions we need to ask to find the right stove for your home. WhyFire created a great tool for D&B customers to find stoves that correctly fit into your home. Their are a lot of variables that will determine a good, safe fit and WhyFire makes sure these questions get asked.

Getting a stove is a great way to heat one area of your house without having to heat the entire house.  However, you may notice that one area isn’t getting to the temperatures you want or perhaps you prefer your bedroom to be cooler for sleeping. Central heating will raise the temperature of the whole house but you may really only want to raise the temperature of one area of your home. Stoves can efficiently heat that area for you. Tim uses the example of using your central heating to heat your entire house can be like turning on a faucet to wash your hands but that faucet also turns on every single other faucet in the house to wash your hands. It might not be what you want and isn’t as efficient. Central heating is a great way to heat the entire house but getting heat to where you want it most might be best accomplished with a stove.

The WhyFire process asks questions about the scenario of where you want your stove. Some questions you will be asked include what kind of space is the stove going to be, what dimensions do you want your stove to be. what kind of fireplace do you want, what do you want to burn, where is the location of the wall that you are placing your stove, and other questions to make sure you get the right stove for your home. The tool even has explanations to each question to make sure you can give informed answers.

To go through the WhyFire process yourself and see stoves that fit your home check out this link here. The podcast below walks through an example along with providing other interesting facts about WhyFire and stoves.

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