In this episode of the D&B Supply Show, Matt sits down with Candi Fitch, the executive director of the Idaho Apple Commission to talk about Idaho grown apples and why they are such a versatile crop in Idaho agriculture. Together, they’ll discuss the history of Idaho apples, recipes that you can use during this holiday season and the mission of the Idaho Apple Commission. All this and more on the D&B Supply Show!
Enjoying Idaho's Apples - Apple on a Branch

How long have apples been grown in Idaho?

Apples have been grown in Idaho for over a century. Currently we have 3rd and 4th generation apple growers. The origins of apple growing in Idaho goes back to the 1890s.

Where are apples grown in Idaho

While apples are grown throughout the state, the majority are grown within a 75 mile radius of Boise.

What areas are conducive to growing apples?

Areas where there are long days and short nights are great for apple growing. The volcanic soil is also great for growing apples.

What is the Idaho Apple Commission?

It is made up of five commissioners. It is governed under the Idaho State Code. Under the state code the commission is to “do any and all things that will promote the sale of Idaho apples”.

Why was the Idaho Apple Commission formed?

It was formed in 1967 to protect the apple industry in Idaho.

Where do the Apple Recipes found on the Idaho Apple Commission site come from

Most came from contests or submissions. Check them out here

Are the apples grown in Idaho sold within the state or shipped elsewhere?

Both, they are sold within and exported out of the state throughout the US

What is the most popular apple?

Surprisingly the red delicious has been taken over by gala apples for the most popular apple

When does apple harvest begin in Idaho?

The harvest begins in August and goes into October


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