On this D&B Garden Show, Master Gardener Debbie Cook takes listener questions. She also talks about planting your fall crops in July. We just officially started summer but the countdown to the average first frost date has begun.

Summer Planting - Hand planting seeds in garden

Is it too late to plant crops?

Plenty of fall crops should be planted in July so there is time for those. There are roughly 90 days left until the Treasure Valley’s average first frost which is October 10th

What can I do to help cool season crops that have a hard time germinating?

One thing you can do is start the plants indoors where you will be able to have better control over their climate and soil temperature

What does the days until harvest mean on the seed packets?

It does not mean how many days until you can harvest from when you put the seed into the ground. Rather, it refers to how many days from when it germinates. It does not include germination in it’s calculation.

How do fall crops grow differently?

The days are getting shorter so they may not grow as fast as the date to harvest says they will.

Why do squirrels gnaw on wood and tree branches?

They have teeth similar to badgers were the teeth don’t stop growing so they must file them down

Check out the show below

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