A beautiful addition to your garden can be dahlias. Dahlias are known to be a warm season plant. You should wait to plant them after the last frost of the season similarly to tomatoes. Dahlias prefer six hours of sun a day. If you can provide some afternoon sun protection and some wind protection that would be ideal for making the blooms last longer.

Dahlias - Dahlia in a garden bed

Dahlias come in many sizes and colors. Some are as small 2 inches in diameter and others are as big as 12 inches in diameter which are known as dinner plate dahlias.

To plant dahlias you will want to dig a hole 4-6 inches deep and twice as big around. Andrea recommends using a floral shovel to dig your holes. Floral shovels are the same height as a regular shove but with a smaller head making it easier for digging smaller holes and can also be used to dig out weeds.

To plant the dahlia, take the tuber and place it sideways with the eye pointing up. The eye is where the plant will start to grow. If you are growing a tall dahlia it is recommended that you place a stake to help protect it. Place some fertilizer where you are planting and back-fill the hole. The last step is to water in the dahlias which removes the air pockets. You will not need to water them again until you see the green chutes start to break the soil.

Andrea walks us through planting dahlias in the video below.

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