In this episode, Matt discusses power generators with Blaine Anderson, a regional sales representative with Honda Power Equipment. You’ll get great information about generator power for recreation, backup, and work. As a bonus, you’ll hear about Honda’s robotic lawn mower.

Honda Generators - Generator In Front Of House

Blaine explains that there are typically three uses of generators: recreation, home back up, and work. When selecting a recreational generator it is often about selecting a quiet generator. For example, if you are camping at a campsite, many have quiet hours that a louder generator will not be able to be allowed to run during. Questions to ask yourself when selecting a generator for recreational purposes can include: What do I need powered? How many A/Cs? Do I need to power something with a heating element such as a coffee maker or a blow dryer? What is the elevation? What is the ambient temperature? The size of the RV doesn’t matter but what you are powering in the RV does matter.

The most popular size Honda generator is the EU2000 or EU2200, EU stands for inverter. This generator puts out clean electricity and is the quietest generator Honda makes. It can run most electronics in the RV but may not be able to run your A/C. If you are looking to power an A/C you will need to check what the A/C will pull from a generator. If you run two EU2200 in parallel you should be able to power any A/C and even up to two A/Cs.

When powering your home, it is highly recommended that you use a transfer switch. It is a safety feature that will protect those who may be working on the power line outside your home as well as make sure the electricity that is produced is solely used on your house and not moving on the entire grid. It is recommended to get a licensed electrician to hook up your generator to your house so it is safely and correctly installed.

With any gas powered device, there will be maintenance. If generator is completely used up and has no charge in the battery and then stored in cold conditions, it will ruin the generator so make sure there is some charge in the battery if you are storing in these conditions. Using a fuel stabilizer when storing the generator with gas stillĀ keep the system cleaner. It is recommended that during long periods of storage that you occasionally “exercise” the generator to keep all the gaskets and internal mechanisms from decaying by running it periodically. For oil changing, it is recommended after 15 hours of running it after purchase that you change the oil to make sure their are no shavings left over from manufacturing. After the initial oil changing, it is recommended every 50-75 hours of running. It is also not recommended to run while directly sitting on dirt as it may clog up the mechanism that keeps the generator cool during operation. Instead place it on some sort of pad. If possible, place the generator in a shaded area when it is hot outside. It will perform better and be better on the equipment.

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