Our customers are amazing.

Thank you to the entire Ridgeway family for their creativity, thoughtfulness, and love of gardening… and for their love of the #DBbucket.


My husband drilled several drainage holes in the bottom of each bucket, then we had an assembly line with our three grandkids and daughter. One was in charge of putting the pea gravel in the bottom of each bucket (for drainage), then two kids put two types of potting soil in each bucket (we picked the soil up from D&B, (one that included peat moss), and then our daughter lifted the buckets up and placed them into the frame.

I then went about planting all the veggies. The grandkids went behind me and planted the marigolds and nasturtiums in each pot. We watered at the end.

In all, it took less than 20 minutes to fill each bucket and plant them. We placed it just off our patio where we can watch everything grow from our kitchen and living room windows as well as while we enjoy our patio.

It was truly a family affair with everyone playing a part from start to finish! Our daughter has one at her house a few doors down as well!


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