On this D&B Garden Show, Master Gardener Debbie Cook will take listener calls to help them with problems in their garden. She talks about re-landscaping, backyard wildlife habitat, drainage in planting containers. All that and more on this episode of the D&B Garden Show!

Backyard WIldlif - Bluebird sitting on branch

Thinking about making a backyard wildlife habitat? The National Wildlife Federation has a process and application to become a certified backyard habitat. You can learn more about the process and certify your garden here.  The program was started in 1973 to try to fight habitat loss and promote biodiversity.

There are four basic criteria to develop a backyard habitat. They are food, water, cover, and areas to reproduce. Shrubs and trees are important to include. The water available needs to be both for drinking and bathing. Moving water is great and often attract more birds than feeders. Cover can include densely branched plants and trees. Being able to reproduce also includes being able to raise their young in a safe area away from predators. Plants that attract caterpillars and butterflies give animals a food source.

Learn this and more in the podcast below.

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