On this D&B Garden Show, Master Gardener Debbie Cook will take listener calls to help them with problems in their garden. She talks about planting with the Farmers Almanac, seed planting, and how to use a worm bin in your garden.

Benefits of Using Worm Bins in the Garden - Tall Tree

How can you check the viability of older seeds?

You take a damp paper towel. Place the seeds on the paper towel. Roll up the paper towel and put it in a warm spot like on top of a refrigerator. Then wait about five days before unrolling it. If the seeds have started to germinate, they are viable seeds. If none are germinating, roll it back up and wait a couple more days before checking again.

Are there alternatives to the expensive grow lights?

Yes, you can use a full spectrum fluorescent light instead. Make sure that somewhere on the package that the bulb is full spectrum.

Are coffee grounds good for placing around trees?

Yes, they are an excellent organic material that helps and is great in compost.

What do you need for a worm bin?

You need a bin, worms, worm bedding and worm food which can be your kitchen scraps. The bin will need air ventilation and drainage so putting holes on the bin will be necessary. Placing screens on the holes can help keep the soil in and fruit flies out.Debbie recommends using white paper or newspaper scraps as the bedding. Make sure the bedding is damp. Debbie also recommends having a tray below the bin so the drainage has somewhere to go that is easily cleaned.

What kind of worms should you use?

Debbie recommends red wiggler worms because they eat their weight every day, they like it warmer, and they like to feed on the top or near the surface.

What if my bin starts smelling?

It is likely too wet or you have put too much food in


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