In this episode, Matt talks with a pair insect experts about the most deadly creatures on earth, mosquitoes.

Ed Burnett, director of operations for the Canyon County, Idaho, Mosquito Abatement District and Dr. Jose Ramirez, a research entomologist for the United States Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service cover topics ranging from how mosquitoes are managed and vaccinating livestock to mosquito life cycle and some of the dangers they represent like West Nile virus and Zika virus.

Know Your Mosquitos - Mosquito Biting Hand

Do mosquitoes only effect humans?

Horses are very susceptible to West Nile Virus. Birds are also commonly bit and commonly spread West Nile.

What temperature range does the population of mosquitoes explode?

When temps enter the 80’s and 90’s the population of mosquitoes greatly increase

Does every mosquito feed on blood?

Only female mosquitoes feed on blood. Male mosquitoes feed on nectar.

Are all species of mosquitoes able to transmit disease?

Only certain species can transmit disease. Of these certain species, only the females can carry the diseases.

What are tactics that the Canyon County, Idaho Mosquito Abatement Districts using to limit the population of mosquitoes?

Beyond education of deterrents such as limiting standing water on property, the abatement districts will look to prevent larva from getting to become adults with the use of certain bacteria and will also fog areas were there are large concentrations of mosquitoes.

Does the Canyon County Mosquito Abatement District take requests to spray an area?

They take many requests in the summer time at or by phone at 208-461-8633. Many local counties also have abatement that take requests.

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