We have entered the beginning of the cool gardening season and it is a great time to get to work on raised bed gardening. Andrea Niederer provides some great examples of vegetables that you can begin growing.

Cool season raised bed gardening - Andrea Neiderer sitting in her garden

Why used a raised bed during the cool season?

Typically the soil is warmer than in ground so the plants can thrive

Why use a plant start rather than seeds?

The window to grow cool season plants is already limited. By using a plant start you can get a jump start.

Should you use fertilizer for cool season crops?

It is recommended that you use a fertilizer such as a 4-4-4.

Any advice when planting broccoli?

Since broccoli has a heavy stalk, it is recommended that you dig your hole a deeper than other plants. The soil level should be at the first layer of leaves.

Any advice when planting Celery?

Celery is a heavy feeder. It can also survive with limited sun but it does need plenty of moisture in the soil.

What is the advantage of a frost cloth?

Even if plants will survive with frost, usually they will grow even better if you can prevent frost.

What should I do right after planting?

You should water the newly planted plants. It will get rid of air pockets from the planting process and give your plants the best start.


All this and more is covered in Andrea’s video


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