Perimeter Fly Control Solving begins with inspection. How is your barn set up? How often do you clean? How often do you dispose of manure? When answering these questions you should be able to find out the reasons why the flies stay. There are four levels of fly control that you should be aware of: High, Medium, Low and Standing Water. Targeting each level with the specific traps and bait for that area will reduce the number of flies that you find on your property.

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High Level: Ceilings, Attics, Rafters 

Flies go to ceiling to keep warm, they will be found in ceilings, attics and rafters.

Use: long fly strips, ribbon strips, sticky traps.

Medium Level: Walls, Fences, Corrals

Flies mate at lower levels than resting and higher than feeding, they will be found in walls, fences and corrals.

Hang along fence lines and sheds.

Use: Fly relief disposable trap, trap and toss, captivator, super captivator

Lower Level: Gates, Ledges, Ground

The lower level is where flies feed. Sugar based attractants encourage flies to feed. Quick strike, sugar baits and attractants.

Use: Scatter baits, certain sprays and certain traps

Standing Water: Treat any standing water on premise to aide in fly control.

Tip: As the day warms up flies will fly down to each level. Make sure to have an abatement at each level for limit the number of flies on your property. 

Put traps on high medium and low control. As flies start moving around you need to have traps on flies at every level to reduce and kill the flies. If you don’t use all the steps then you will have problems with reducing the number of flies on your property.

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