In this episode, Matt speaks with Steve Wagner, General Manager of Retail Sales, from Welp Hatchery in Iowa. Matt learns about the one-day-old poultry industry works, including how baby chicks make their way from hatcheries around the country to stores like D&B Supply in Idaho and Oregon.

Baby Chicks Blog Post picture of a baby chick

Welp Hatchery hatches between five and six million chicks each year for the backyard poultry market.

Below are some of the topics that Matt & Steve discuss:

How many incubators are running per week? 10-20 incubators

How often are fertilized eggs shipped to Welp Hatchery? Fertilized eggs are shipped on a weekly basis.

Where does Welp Hatchery ship their baby chicks? They distribute all over the U.S. from D&B Supply Stores to the Backyard Chicken Owner.

How long have baby chicks been hatched when they ship? The baby chicks are 1-2 days old when being shipped.

How does Welp Hatchery ship? 95% of shipping is done through the postal service.

What setup is needed for chicks? Water and heat are the most important, and of course bedding and fresh feed.

What temperature is right for chicks? 90-95 degrees

What age can you expect chicks to begin laying? 18-20 weeks old

Welp Hatchery has birds beyond chickens such as ducks and turkeys, Steve states that anything with a feather you can get from Welp.

Listen to the Podcast below to learn more.







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