In this episode, Matt talks about getting ready for fair season, specifically if you’re going to be showing a pig, how do you select that prize pig. Matt’s guest is Scott Ethington, a pig expert and farmer from Emmett, Idaho.

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Below are some common questions on how to pick a pig:

  • How soon do I need to purchase a pig before my show date? 100-110 days before show date.
  • What weight should my pig be when I pick it up at the breeder? Pigs should be around 45-88 lbs in weight when picking them up from breeder.
  • What is daily weight gain for a pig? 1.4-2 pounds per day
  • What is the ideal weight for a show pig? On average 220-290 pounds is a competitive weight range. Overweight category begins at 300 pounds (Scott’s perfect pig weight is 260-280).
  • What breeds of pigs have the most success in showroom? Typically, crossbred pigs do better in the show ring.
  • Where should 4-H & FFA Members do their shopping? Ask around and find out who the best breeders in the state are, keep looking until you find what you are looking for.
  • What do I feed my show pig? A prize pig needs to be on a feed that is formulated for show pigs. Show feed typically has high levels of  lysine, proteins and fats which will give you an ideal balanced diet for a winning pig.

For more information, click below to listen to the entire D&B Supply podcast.

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