Even on a lunch break, our employees live the country lifestyle. Lynda Linquist works at our Boise Overland store and had quite the story to share.

I have a commercial heard of about 100 meat goats on 40 acres just up the road from the Boise Overland D&B. Last year while they were kidding, before and after work as well as my lunch break I would drive home to check the goats.

We had a hard freezing rain roll through one day so, at lunch when I did my midday check, I had a newborn baby completely flat and shutting down due to body temperature. I know I work at the perfect place to have the resources to help so, I packer her up and brought her to the store knowing if she wasn’t tubed, she would die. Tubing a baby goat is tricky and easy to do wrong. Luckily, Shon Eddlemon was working that day and because it takes two people to tube for your best chance at success, we knew our kid would have a chance.

We pulled everything we needed off shelves, warmed up some colostrum in the break room, and we were able to save her life. Wrapped up in moving/storage blankets and towels in a D&B shopping cart with heat lamps to keep her warm, she rested and the colostrum revived her quick enough that she was up and wanting a bottle before my shift was over.

I feel very grateful I had the equipment and help I needed to save her. If it had been a few hours later, she would not have made it. The little goats name is Elsa Spiderman and she is a great friend to Shon’s niece and nephew.


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