I love working with new beekeepers – they are eager to learn, they ask honest questions, and dive right in! This is truly the best way to learn the art and science of beekeeping. It’s a mix of prepared research with good ol’ hands-on trial and error. You can read every book on beekeeping and follow every textbook tutorial and still learn valuable lessons from opening a hive and pulling out frames. On the contrary, you can learn a lot by doing thorough hive inspections, but still, miss some foundational knowledge offered in books and research. The mix of both types of learning is crucial for success in this hobby.


I spend much of my time with new beekeepers debunking myths and answering the same common set of questions, some of which can be answered by reading a reputable book and others which can be learned through continued “hive time.” There’s a lot of info out there about beekeeping, and (believe it or not) everything you find on the internet isn’t true! So, I will be dedicating the next series of blogs to answering these common questions and myths. The goal in mind here is to steer new beekeepers in the right direction so that you can continue learning on your own.


I’ve developed a set of commonly asked questions, but I also welcome your thoughts! Do you have a beekeeping question you want answered? If so, please comment below or tag your Twitter question #DBsupplyBeeBlog and I will work to address it directly or in an upcoming blog.

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