As I look out my window I see snow blowing around acting like it still wants to be winter. Thus, March, coming in like a lion. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to the “lambiness” at the end of the month.

Things are beginning to bud and it’s time to think about dormant oil, pruning and getting some of your cool weather crops planted. Our last average frost date is the 10th of May so counting back from mid-May will give you the timing of either getting seeds started inside, or putting them directly into the ground. Your cool weather crops including crops like broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, kale, radish, and Brussels sprouts to name only a few, can be planted now.


Dormant oil should be sprayed very soon. Dormant oil is an oil product, mostly used on woody ornamentals when the plant is dormant. The oil will burn any green leaf tissue that is beginning to expand. Dormant oil works by suffocating insects and eggs that have overwintered on the tree. It’s a good way to begin getting a handle on any insect problems that might be lurking. If you’ve had a fungus on your tree in the past, this is the time to use a fungicide, too. Some fungicides are labeled to be mixed with a dormant oil, while some are not. Some dormant oils have a fungicide that is already mixed in. Read your label carefully to know the precautions to take and the correct way to use the product. The writing is small, but all the information is there

Want to have the first tomato of summer? Choose the location where you want to grow your tomato and cover the soil with black plastic to warm it up. Towards the end of the month, plant an early variety into the garden. You will need to protect the plant with a Wall o’ Water. Fill the planting hole with warm water before you plant and use warm water when you water during cold weather. Maybe you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood!

This month on the D&B Garden Show I will be visiting with Dr. Brett Bauscher from the Canyon Small Animal Hospital. This is the time of year when animals start getting frisky, so we will discuss the importance of spaying and neutering your pet. He’ll also address some behavior issues that may be associated with those procedures.

On the 11th I’ll be talking to Jan Haneke about all things roses. It’s time to get them pruned and she’ll give us some good pointers and how-to’s that will produce the biggest and best flowers from our rose bushes.

On the 25th I’ll be visiting with Matt Perkins about fruit trees. It’s time to get those trees pruned and Matt will help you figure out how to get that accomplished.

Tune in each Saturday mornings at 10:00 on KIDO, 580am, and join us with any garden questions or tips you’d like to share. We’ll be talking Gardening!!

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