Holy. Moly. Can you guys believe we’re already half way through the month of June? I’m absolutely in shock. It honestly seems like just yesterday I was out on a double-date, ringing in 2016… but in less than 15 days we’ll already be through month six!

In that six months, I haven’t done the greatest job of keeping you all up to speed about the happenings of our ranch. Our lives have been increasingly busy and I haven’t had a ton of time to sit down and write, but I’m working on adding that factor back into my busy schedule.

Since my last blog, we’ve gotten through all of our calving…

Sold our yearlings…


Branded all of our calves….

Bought new love machines…. errr, bulls. We bought more bulls….

Turned our cows and calves out onto our desert permits…

Started irrigating and farming….

Played “matchmaker” by turning our bulls out (my husband dubs this his favorite day of the year, ha!)….

Built fences on the mountain….

Hauled salt, checked water pipelines, and pulled over a few times to stop and smell the wildflowers…..


And stopped at D&B every chance we get!

Right now we’re getting ready to haul pairs to the mountain, and unfortunately, have already started prepping for the potential of a big 2016 fire season. All-in-all it’s been a great year so far, and I promise to keep you better updated as we move through the motions!

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