Debbie Cook, Master Gardener and Certified Arborist, was joined by her good friend, Mary Ann Newcomber on last week’s garden show. Mary Ann is known as the “Dirt Diva” and has her own blog titled “Gardens of the Wild Wild West.”


Are you being attacked by gnats in your very own yard? Debbie and Mary Ann talk to a gentleman in the Weiser area about addressing his gnat problem. Are you wondering how to get rid of squash bugs in your garden? Debbie and Mary Ann discuss watering schedules for blueberries and raspberries during this time of year. Along with the early heat comes a little more maintenance in your yard and garden. Make yourself a checklist and begin checking sprinkler heads, drip systems and soaker hoses to make sure your nature children are fully nourished.

The Idaho Botanical Garden presents the 30th Annual Private Garden Tour. Take the opportunity to tour and discover private gardens in the historic Collister area in Boise. For more particulars, please visit their site here.

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