Cursed rain! Cursed brain! I was aghast when I discovered my much-loved, Swiss-made pruners had been left out overnight. I had no one to blame but myself. A rain shower turned them from looking fairly new, to looking like an implement featured in a horror movie.


Not to worry, though. The good folks at D&B Supply had exactly what I needed to restore my Felco pruners back to their original luster.


I snagged some “fine” steel wool from the shelf at my local D&B. They have a variety of steel wool “grade” from which to choose. Most will work, except for the “course” grade of wool.


I gathered the rest of my supplies: protective gloves (don’t want to chip a nail!), WD-40, stiff wire brushes, and my pitiful pruners.


I lubricated the rust on the pruners with the WD-40. I gave it a minute and then I went to town on that rust. I used a wire brush to get into the tight areas, where I couldn’t get the steel wool to reach.

In just a few minutes, my pruners looked (just shy of) as-good-as-new.


Now, before Hollywood comes calling, I’m eyeing all the rest of the rusted tools in the shed. Not that it will matter to anyone but me… but with this cleaning method, I’ll have a stellar looking collection of implements.

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